7 How To:
Subtractions, Connections

You can subtract a volume from another one with subtraction parameter. With refpoint and reforientation parameter you can place and orient objects to other objects in the same sheet.




Placing and orienting objects in 3D space can be complicated only with position and rotations parameters.
To connect and object to another there are special reference points in volumes. You can make them visible by using this option in the menu bar.

Setting a reference point

Each reference points has a number. With this number you can reference it in the parameter "refpoint" gby entering its name. Example:

Setting an orientation

You can also give an orientation to an reference normal. Example:

Planned: Setting Refpoints interface in Projects

there is a special object type "refpoint". This type is to get refpoints from a subproject into a parent sheet which calls these subproject.

You can not access an automatically created refpoint in a parent project.