learn in 5 minutes the basic concept of input and outputs

Importing 3D Files
learn how to import a 3D-File and how you can prepare them in your 3D-Software

Scripting (pro)
learn about the powerful scripting language and VBA like API

Theming/Branding (pro)
adapt the look and feel of the user inface via CSS styles

Terms & Definitions
Explanations of terms used in xBuild3D

0 Quickstart 3-Min Quickstart

1 How To: Add Controls and Objects

2 How To: Connect controls with 3D Model

3 How To: Import 3D files

4 How To: Projects, Sheets, Controls

5 How To: Publish a project

6 How To: 2D-Overlays

7 How To: Charts

8 How To: Timers & animation

9 How To: Scene settings

10 How To: End User configurations

11 How To: Change the User Interface Look

1 Expert: Scripting - Access the sheetBuild API

2 Expert: Scripting - I Interaction in 3D Scene

3 Expert: Scripting - II Import external Data

4 Expert: Embed in own application