8 How To:
Timers & animation

Creating animations in Sheetbuild can be an engaging process, especially with the use of timers. Here's how to effectively incorporate timers to animate objects:

1. Integrating Timers: Timers can be easily added through the Helper menu in Sheetbuild. They play a crucial role by defining the animation's pace.

2. Setting the Timer: Each timer is configured by specifying its interval in the "D-column," measured in milliseconds. This determines how frequently the animation updates.

3. Controlling Visibility: The "Visible" column in your timer settings dictates whether the timer is active. Reactivating a timer resets its countdown, starting the animation anew from zero.

4. Animating Objects: Utilize the timer's interval to create dynamic changes in your project, such as rotating an object. The timer ensures that these changes are smooth and consistent.

5. Interactive Controls: For more interactive animations, incorporate buttons to start and stop timers. This requires Sheetbuild’s scripting capabilities, which are detailed in the platform's documentation and tutorial videos.

6. Project Management: Remember, timers are project-specific. They only activate within the selected subproject unless a timer variable from the parent project is applied through a project property.

By mastering these elements, you can enhance your animations in Sheetbuild, making them not only more visually appealing but also more functionally robust.